The olive tree grove is made of Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino and Don Carlo “Cultivar”
and it covers a surface of 6 hectares.

Our Extra virgin olive oil is cold extract after few hours from the harvest, throughout mechanical processes
– made by new generation machines – in a continuous way.

The plants care is carried out directly by our family with special regards to the trees and the fruits,
during the whole year.

The drupes harvest is carrying out between the first weeks of October and the first week of November.
We care about the ripening of the fruits connected to the climatic phenomena during the year.

To guarantee the excellence of the product we personally provide, in our laboratories, to the bottling and packing.
The result of this process is an high quality product characterized by a low grade of acidity and an high number of
phenol compost, which tastes both piquancy and a bit bitter.
This taste is typical of high quality products.

Our Extra virgin Olive oil can be well-combined with every kind of course.